Women’s 800m Freestyle – Short Course

World’s Fastest 800m Freestyle – Women’s Short Course

  1. Katie Ledecky 7:57.42
  2. Mireia Belmonte 7:59.34
  3. Jianijahe Wang 7:58.44
  4. Camille Muffat  8:01.06
  5. Lauren Boyle 8:01.22
  6. Li Bingjie 8:02.90
  7. Alessia Filippi 8:04.53
  8. Lotte Friis 8:04.61

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 800m Freestyle swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Katie Ledecky’s 800m Freestyle World Record swim to view.

Women's 800m Freestyle - Short Course
Katie Ledecky
Mireia BelmonteJianijahe WangCamille MuffatLauren BoyleLi BingjieAlessia FilippiLotte Friis
Height:6 ft 0 in 183cm
5 ft 7 in 170cm6 ft 0 in 182cm6 ft 0 in 183cm6 ft 0 in 183cm6 ft 1 in 186cm6 ft 0 in 184cm
Weight:160Ib 73kg
132 Ib 60kg146 Ib 66kg157 Ib 71kg148 Ib 67kg139 Ib 63kg159 Ib 72kg
DOB:1997-03-171990-11-10 2002-07-17 1989-10-281987-12-14 2002-03-031987-07-23 1988-02-09
Meet:FINA Swimming World Cup 2022
FINA Swimming World Cup 2013FINA Swimming World Cup 2018French National Championships (25m)FINA Swimming World Cup 20132021 FINA World Championships Short CourseEuropean Short Course Swimming Championships 2008FINA/ Arena Swimming World Cup 2009
50m Split
Split Time:28.5428.2827.3528.8227.6829.1928.36
50m PB:25.4527.5126.6024.5526.5526.2928.7626.41
Time off 50m PB:3.090.770.752.270.431.95
Percentage of 50m PB:112.142%102.799%102.820%108.550%101.500%107.384%
100m Split
Split Time:57.0958.6257.0159.1157.7159.8258.39
150m Split
Split Time:1:26.811:29.061:27.371:29.271:27.921:30.611:28.82
200m Split
Split Time:1:56.631:59.381:57.931:59.431:58.232:01.301:59.49
250m Split
Split Time:2:26.502:29.582:28.452:29.732:28.712:31.952:30.13
300m Split
Split Time:2:56.552:59.742:58.913:00.022:59.143:02.553:00.62
350m Split
Split Time:3:26.413:29.793:29.183:30.223:29.603:33.083:31.30
400m Split
Split Time:3:56.643:59.803:59.494:00.594:00.184:03.364:02.01
450m Split
Split Time:4:26.774:29.454:29.694:30.794:30.854:33.804:32.54
500m Split
Split Time:4:57.054:59.395:00.125:00.975:01.385:04.405:03.19
550m Split
Split Time:5:27.205:29.255:30.275:31.245:32.065:34.775:33.86
600m Split
Split Time:5:57.895:59.386:00.516:01.496:02.766:05.026:04.12
650m Split
Split Time:6:27.566:29.336:30.776:31.696:33.766:35.196:34.48
700m Split
Split Time:6:57.896:59.387:00.667:01.827:03.867:05.517:04.99
750m Split
Split Time:7:28.307:29.837:30.657:31.947:34.127:35.537:35.61
Total Time:7:57.427:59.347:59.448:01.068:01.228:02.908:04.538:04.61

Analyzing the performances of the world’s fastest swimmers in the Women’s 800m Freestyle for Short Course (SC) allows us to appreciate the exceptional skill and endurance required for success in this demanding event. The 800m Freestyle is a true test of a swimmer’s stamina and strategic pacing. Let’s explore the analysis of the top swimmers with a focus on the time differences that distinguish their performances:

  1. Katie Ledecky (7:57.42):
    • Katie Ledecky reigns supreme in the Women’s 800m Freestyle SC with her incredible time of 7:57.42. Ledecky’s dominance is evident as she outpaces her closest competitor by a substantial 1.92 seconds.
  2. Mireia Belmonte (7:59.34):
    • Mireia Belmonte secures the second position with a time of 7:59.34. Belmonte’s swim demonstrates her remarkable endurance and skill, though she trails Ledecky by 1.92 seconds.
  3. Jianijahe Wang (7:58.44):
    • Jianijahe Wang closely follows Ledecky with a time of 7:58.44, just 0.98 seconds behind the leader. Wang’s performance showcases her determination to challenge the best in the world.
  4. Camille Muffat (8:01.06):
    • Camille Muffat earns the fourth position with a time of 8:01.06. Her swim highlights her ability to maintain a competitive pace, though she trails Ledecky by 3.64 seconds.
  5. Lauren Boyle (8:01.22):
    • Lauren Boyle is a mere 0.16 seconds behind Muffat, emphasizing the close competition among the top swimmers. Boyle’s performance underscores the importance of consistent pacing in this race.
  6. Li Bingjie (8:02.90):
    • Li Bingjie secures the sixth position with a time of 8:02.90, trailing the leader by 5.48 seconds. Her swim reflects her tenacity and determination to compete at the highest level.
  7. Alessia Filippi (8:04.53):
    • Alessia Filippi’s time of 8:04.53 earns her the seventh position. She trails Ledecky by 7.11 seconds, demonstrating the challenges of the 800m Freestyle.
  8. Lotte Friis (8:04.61):
    • Lotte Friis concludes the list of top swimmers with a time of 8:04.61, just 0.08 seconds behind Filippi. Her performance highlights the competitive nature of the event.

In summary, the Women’s 800m Freestyle SC is a grueling race where swimmers must balance their endurance and pacing over a considerable distance. Katie Ledecky’s dominance is evident, but the small time differences among the top swimmers underline the fierce competition and the high level of skill required. Each athlete’s ability to maintain efficient stroke mechanics and strategic pacing is vital in this race, where success depends on minimizing time gaps and pushing the limits of physical and mental endurance. The Women’s 800m Freestyle is a testament to the dedication and unwavering commitment of these elite athletes in pursuit of excellence in a challenging swimming discipline.


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