Women’s 200 IM Swimmers – Short Course Yards

Top 10 Fastest 200 IM Swimmers – Women’s SCY

  1. Kate Douglass 1:48.37 (2023 NCAA Woman’s Champs 03/16/2023)
  2. Torri Huske 1:50.06 (2023 NCAA Woman’s Champs 03/16/2023)
  3. Alex Walsh 1:50.07 (2023 NCAA Woman’s Champs 03/16/2023)
  4. Ella Eastin 1:50.67 (2018 NCAA DI – Women 3/15/2018)
  5. Beata Nelson 1:50.79 (2019 NCAA DI – Women 3/21/2019)
  6. Kathleen Baker 1:51.25 (2018 NCAA DI – Women 3/15/2018)
  7. Meghan Small 1:51.62 (2019 SEC Champs 2/20/2019)
  8. Sydney Pickrem 1:51.66 (2019 SEC Champs 2/20/2019)
  9. Caitlin Leverenz 1:51.77 (2012 NCAA DI – Women 3/15/2012)
  10. Katinka Hosszu 1:51.80 (2012 NCAA DI – Women 3/15/2012)

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    Below is Kate Douglass’s swim where she set a new NCAA record of 1:48.37.

    Note: Top 10 Fastest 200 IM Swimmers – Women’s SCY Update April 2023

    Below is the list for the All Time 400IM SCY Women’s:

    Top 10 400 IM Swimmers – Women’s SCY

    1. Ella Eastin 3:54.60 (2018 NCAA DI – Women 3/16/2018)
    2. Katie Ledecky 3:56.53 (2018 PAC 12 Champs women 2/23/2018)
    3. Katinka Hosszu 3:56.54 (2012 NCAA DI – Women 3/15/2012)
    4. Alex Walsh 3:57.25 (2022 NCAA DI Women’s Swimming 3/18/2022)
    5. Caitlin Leverenz 3:57.89 (2012 NCAA DI – Women 3/16/2012)
    6. Maya DiRado 3:58.12 (2014 NCAA DI – Women 3/20/2014)
    7. Sydney Pickrem 3:58.23 (2019 NCAA DI – Women 3/22/2019)
    8. Julia Smit 3:58.23 (2010 PAC 10 Champs women 2/24/2010)
    9. Elizabeth Beisel 3:58.35 (2012 SEC Champs 2/15/2012)
    10. Brooke Forde 3:59.26 (2019 NCAA DI – Women 3/22/2019)

    Analyzing the performances of the top 10 fastest swimmers in the Women’s 200 Individual Medley (IM) for Short Course Yards (SCY) sheds light on the incredible talent and competitiveness in this event. The 200 IM is a complex race that demands excellence in all four swimming disciplines: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Let’s delve into the analysis of these remarkable swimmers and the time differences that distinguish their performances:

    1. Kate Douglass (1:48.37):
      • Kate Douglass’s exceptional time of 1:48.37 seconds positions her as the fastest swimmer in the Women’s 200 IM SCY. Her performance is a testament to her versatility, as she excels in multiple strokes, setting a high standard for her competitors.
    2. Torri Huske (1:50.06):
      • Torri Huske closely follows Douglass, demonstrating her remarkable prowess in the 200 IM. Her performance is characterized by strong transitions between strokes and a competitive spirit that keeps her within striking distance of the top spot.
    3. Alex Walsh (1:50.07):
      • Alex Walsh secures the third position with a time just 0.01 seconds behind Huske. Her consistency across the four strokes and her ability to excel in each discipline highlight her versatility as a swimmer.
    4. Ella Eastin (1:50.67):
      • Ella Eastin, with her time of 1:50.67, showcases the enduring legacy of her performance in the 2018 NCAA DI Women’s Championships. Her mastery of the 200 IM highlights the significance of experience and skill in this event.
    5. Beata Nelson (1:50.79):
      • Beata Nelson closely trails Eastin, demonstrating her competitiveness in this demanding race. Her strong performance is indicative of the high level of talent in NCAA swimming.
    6. Kathleen Baker (1:51.25):
      • Kathleen Baker’s time of 1:51.25 places her in the sixth position, but her performance is no less impressive. Her ability to maintain a strong pace throughout the race underscores her skills in the individual medley.
    7. Meghan Small (1:51.62):
      • Meghan Small secures the seventh position with a time of 1:51.62 seconds. Her swim is marked by determination and the ability to adapt to the challenges posed by the various strokes in the 200 IM.
    8. Sydney Pickrem (1:51.66):
      • Sydney Pickrem is just 0.04 seconds behind Small, emphasizing the competitiveness among the top swimmers in this event. Her ability to execute the demanding breaststroke leg sets her apart.
    9. Caitlin Leverenz (1:51.77):
      • Caitlin Leverenz’s performance in the 2012 NCAA DI Women’s Championships remains notable, earning her a spot among the top 10. Her expertise in the 200 IM is a testament to her dedication to the sport.
    10. Katinka Hosszu (1:51.80):
      • Katinka Hosszu, an Olympic champion and world record-holder, is among the elite swimmers in the 200 IM. Her time of 1:51.80 from the 2012 NCAA DI Women’s Championships showcases her dominance in this event.

    In summary, the Women’s 200 IM SCY is a showcase of versatility and skill, demanding excellence in each of the four swimming disciplines. Kate Douglass leads the pack with an extraordinary time, but the small time differences among the top swimmers highlight the fierce competition and the depth of talent in NCAA women’s swimming. Each athlete’s ability to seamlessly transition between strokes while maintaining speed and form is a testament to their dedication and expertise in the individual medley. The Women’s 200 IM is a race that celebrates well-rounded swimmers who can excel in multiple facets of the sport.


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