Women’s 200m Butterfly – Long Course

World’s Fastest 200m Butterfly – Women’s Long Course

  1. Zige Liu (27.40, 30.60, 32.00, 31.81) 2:01.81
  2. Jess Schipper (28.21, 32.04, 31.98, 31.18) 2:03.41 
  3. Zhang Yufei (26.92, 31.37, 32.74, 32.83) 2:03.86
  4. Regan Smith (27.75, 31.83, 32.24, 32.05) 2:03.87
  5. Liuyang Jiao (28.49, 32.13, 32.13, 31.31) 2:04.06 / Summer McIntosh (27.73, 31.24, 32.40, 32.59) 2:04.06
  6. Mary Descenza (28.79, 31.78, 31.92, 31.65) 2:04.14
  7. Katinka Hosszu (28.71, 32.00, 32.07, 31.49) 2:04.27
  8. Natsumi Hoshi (28.32, 32.33, 32.05, 31.99) 2:04.69

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 200m Butterfly swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Zige Liu’s 200m Butterfly World Record swim to view.

Here is the list of the Women’s 100m Butterfly Long Course.

Women's 200m Butterfly - Long Course
Zige LiuJess SchipperZhang YufeiRegan SmithLiuyang JiaoSummer McIntoshMary DescenzaKatinka HosszuNatsumi Hoshi
Height:5 ft 11 in 181cm5 ft 7 in 170cm5 ft 9 in 176cm5 ft 7 in 171cm5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 10 in 178cm5 ft 9 in 175cm5 ft 5 in 164cm
Weight:148 Ib 67kg132 Ib 60kg126lb 57kg123 Ib 56kg139 Ib 63kg150 Ib 68kg119 lb 54kg
DOB:1989-03-31 1986-11-191998-04-192002-02-09 1991-08-06 2006-08-181984-09-17 1989-05-031990-08-21
Meet:11th Chinese National Games13th FINA World Championships 2009Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2021)Sun Devil Open Tempe, Arizona 2023Olympic Games London 2012World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 202313th FINA World Championships 200913th FINA World Championships 2009Japan National Championships 2012
1st 50m Split27.4028.2126.9227.7528.4927.7328.7928.7128.32
Split Time:27.4028.2126.9227.7528.4927.7328.7928.7128.32
50m PB:26.6926.4725.7626.8226.0927.2627.1826.6226.89
Time off 50m PB:0.711.741.160.932.400.471.612.091.43
Percentage of 50m PB:102.660%106.573%104.503%103.468%109.199%101.724%105.923%107.851%105.318%
2nd 50m Split30.6032.0431.3731.8332.1331.2431.7832.0032.33
Split Time:58.001:00.2558.2959.581:00.6258.971:00.571:00.711:00.65
3rd 50m Split32.0031.9832.7432.2432.1332.5031.9232.0732.05
Split Time:1:30.001:32.231:31.031:31.821:32.751:31.471:32.491:32.731:32.70
4th 50m Split31.8131.1832.8332.0531.3132.5931.6531.4931.99
Total time:2:01.812:03.412:03.862:03.972:04.062:04.062:04.142:04.272:04.69

The list provided consists of the top 9 all-time performers in the Women’s Long Course 200m Butterfly, showcasing the remarkable talent and achievements of these exceptional swimmers.

At the pinnacle of the list is Zige Liu, whose performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Liu’s display of speed and precision resulted in a time of 2 minutes and 1.81 seconds, solidifying her position as the fastest ever in this event. With splits of 27.40, 30.60, 32.00, and 31.81 seconds, Liu’s dominance in the pool was undeniable.

Following closely behind Liu is Jess Schipper, whose remarkable skills earned her the second spot on the all-time list. Schipper’s impressive time of 2:03.41 showcased her exceptional abilities, with splits of 28.21, 32.04, 31.98, and 31.18 seconds, highlighting her consistency and determination.

Zhang Yufei secured the third position with a time of 2:03.86, demonstrating her prowess and solidifying her place among the elite performers in this race. Her splits of 26.92, 31.37, 32.74, and 32.83 seconds showcased her ability to maintain a strong performance throughout the entire race.

In a closely contested battle, Regan Smith narrowly missed out on a podium finish, finishing just a hundredth of a second behind Yufei. Smith’s time of 2:03.87, with splits of 27.75, 31.83, 32.24, and 32.05 seconds, highlighted her remarkable skill and tenacity in the pool.

Liuyang Jiao, Mary Descenza, Katinka Hosszu, Natsumi Hoshi, and Summer McIntosh also found themselves among the top 9 performers in this prestigious event. Their performances were a testament to their dedication, training, and sheer talent.

These swimmers have left an indelible mark on the sport, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible in the Women’s Long Course 200m Butterfly. Their achievements serve as inspiration for future generations of swimmers, demonstrating that with hard work, perseverance, and unwavering determination, greatness can be achieved in the pool.

Note: World’s Fastest 200m Butterfly – Women’s Long Course Update July 2023

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