Women’s 100m Freestyle – Long Course

World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle – Women’s Long Course

  1. Sarah Sjoestroem (24.83, 26.88) 51.71
  2. Emma McKeon (25.08, 26.88) 51.96
  3. Siobhan Haughey (25.08, 26.94) 52.02
  4. Cate Campbell (25.09, 26.94) 52.03
  5. Simone Manuel (24.81, 27.23) 52.04
  6. Britta Steffen (25.46, 26.61) 52.07
  7. Mollie O’Callaghan (25.63, 26.45) 52.08
  8. Marrit Steenbergen (25.30, 26.96) 52.26
  9. Bronte Campbell (25.47, 26.80) 52.27
  10. Shayna Jack (25.16, 27.12) 52.28
  11. Kate Douglass (25.35, 27.22) 52.57
  12. Penny Oleksiak (25.42, 27.17) 52.59 / Mallory Comerford (25.51, 27.08) 52.59

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The chart below compares the World’s best 100m Freestyle swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Sarah Sjoestroem’s 100m Freestyle World Record swim to view.

Here is the list of the Women’s 100m Freestyle Short Course for comparison.

Women's 100m Freestyle - Long Course
Sarah SjoestroemEmma McKeonSiobhan HaugheyCate CampbellSimone ManuelBritta SteffenMollie O'CallaghanMarrit SteenbergenBronte CampbellShayna JackKate DouglassPenny OleksiakMallory Comerford
Height:6ft 1.82m5 ft 11 in 1.80m5ft 10in 1.78m6ft 1in 1.86m5ft 10in 1.78m5ft 11in 1.80m5ft 8in 1.75m5ft 10in 1.78m5ft 10in 1.79m5ft 11in 1.80m5ft 10in 1.78m6ft 1in 1.86m5ft 9in 175cm
Weight:168lb 76kg132lb 60kg132lb 60kg163lb 74kg148lb 67kg132lb 60kg130lb 59kg134lb 61kg128lb 58kg125lb 57kg150lb 68kg130lb 60kg
DOB:1993-08-171994-05-241997-10-311992-05-201996-08-02 1983-11-162004-04-022000-01-111994-05-141998-11-062001-11-172000-06-131997-09-06
Meet:17th FINA World Championships 2017Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2021)2023 World Aquatics Swimming World Cup - BerlinPan Pacific Championships 201818th FINA World Championships 201913th FINA World Championships 2009World Aquatic Championships - Fukuoka 2023World Aquatic Championships - Doha 2024Commonwealth Games 2018World Aquatic Championships - Fukuoka 2023USA Nationals 2023Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2021)17th FINA World Championships 2017
1st 50m Split
Split Time:24.8325.0825.0825.0924.8125.4625.6325.3025.4725.1625.3525.4225.51
50m PB:23.6724.1724.5923.7823.9723.7324.5224.4224.1224.0124.4025.3824.80
Time off 50m PB:1.160.910.491.310.841.731.110.881.351.
Percentage of 50m PB:104.901%103.765%101.993%105.509%103.504%107.290%104.527%103.604%105.597%104.833%103.893%100.158%102.863%
2nd 50m Split
Split Time:26.8826.8826.9426.9427.2326.6126.4526.9626.8027.1227.2227.1727.08
Total Time:51.7151.9652.0252.0352.0452.0752.0952.2652.2752.2852.5752.5952.59

The 100m freestyle is one of the most exciting events in swimming, and the women’s world record has been broken several times over the years. Currently, the world record holder is Sarah Sjoestroem, with a time of 51.71 seconds. Other top contenders include Emma McKeon, Cate Campbell, and Simone Manuel. Let’s take a closer look at these amazing athletes and their impressive performances.

General interest:

Analyzing the splits and the order of rank per split, we can gain insights into the swimmers’ performances in each 50-meter segment of the World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle race for women’s long course.

First 50-meter split:

  1. Simone Manuel: Manuel had the fastest first split time of 24.81 seconds, showcasing her exceptional speed in the initial phase of the race.
  2. Sarah Sjoestroem: Sjoestroem closely followed Manuel with a time of 24.83 seconds for the first 50 meters.
  3. Penny Oleksiak: Oleksiak recorded a competitive time of 25.42 seconds, placing her third in the first split.

Second 50-meter split:

  1. Simone Manuel: Despite having the fastest first split, Manuel’s second split time of 27.23 seconds was relatively slower compared to other swimmers. This affected her overall rank.
  2. Sarah Sjoestroem: Sjoestroem’s second split time matched her first split time exactly, with both being 26.88 seconds. This consistency helped her maintain her lead in the race.
  3. Mollie O’Callaghan: O’Callaghan achieved a second split time of 26.41 seconds, securing her first place in the second split.

Based on the analysis of the splits, it is evident that Simone Manuel had a remarkable start with the fastest first split time. However, her slower second split affected her overall rank. On the other hand, Sarah Sjoestroem displayed consistent performance with identical split times, ultimately leading her to victory. It is worth noting that the second split was generally slower for most swimmers, indicating the challenges faced in maintaining speed and endurance throughout the race.

Update: World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle – Women’s Long Course Update Feb 2024

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