Women’s 400 IM – Long Course

World’s Fastest 400m Individual Medley – Women’s Long Course

  1. Summer McIntosh (27.82, 31.65, 34.23, 32.69, 38.74, 40.18, 30.87, 29.69) 4:25.87
  2. Katinka Hosszu (28.33, 32.58, 34.10, 33.38, 37.23, 38.88, 31.18, 30.68) 4:26.36
  3. Kaylee McKeown (28.57, 33.11, 35.13, 33.18, 39.10, 37.07, 21.89, 30.17) 4:28.22
  4. Shiwen Ye (28.85, 33.34, 35.34, 34.20, 38.80, 39.22, 29.75, 28.93) 4:28.43
  5. Stephanie Rice (28.66, 32.81, 34.70, 33.66, 38.29, 39.13, 31.67, 30.53) 4:29.45
  6. Kristy Coventry (29.50, 33.25, 33.57, 33.18, 38.74, 40.22, 31.33, 30.10) 4:29.89
  7. Yui Ohashi (28.41, 32.85, 35.04, 34.38, 38.83, 38.91, 32.11, 30.70) 4:30.82
  8. Katie Hoff (30.10, 33.59, 35.47, 34.17, 37.45, 37.87, 31.01, 31.46) 4:31.12

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 400m Individual Medley swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Summer McIntosh’s 400m Individual Medley World Record swim to view.

Here is a list of the Women’s 200IM Long Course.

Women's 400 IM - Long Course
Summer McIntoshKatinka HosszuShiwen YeStephanie RiceKirsty CoventryYui OhashiKatie Hoff
Height:5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 9 in 175cm5 ft 8 in 172cm5 ft 9 in 176cm5 ft 9 in 176cm5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 9 in 175cm
Weight:150 Ib 68kg141 Ib 64kg148 Ib 67kg141Ib 64kg125 Ib 57kg 141 Ib 64kg
DOB:2006-08-181989-05-03 1996-03-01 1988-06-17 1983-09-16 1995-10-18 1989-06-03
Meet:Canadian Swimming Trials 2023Olympic Games Rio 2016Olympic Games London 2012Olympic Games Beijing 2008Olympic Games Beijing 2008Japan Swim 2018USA Olympic Trails 2008
1st 50m Split27.8228.3328.8528.6629.5028.4130.10
Split Time:27.8228.3328.8528.6629.5028.4130.10
50m PB:27.2626.6227.5428.5427.9526.5928.52
Time off 50m PB:0.561.711.310.121.551.821.58
Percentage of 50m PB:102.054%106.424%104.757%100.420%105.546%106.844%105.540%
2nd 50m Split31.6532.5833.3432.8133.2532.8533.59
Split Time:59.471:00.911:02.191:01.471:02.751:00.761:03.69
3rd 50m Split34.2334.1035.3434.7033.5735.0435.47
Split Time:1:33.701:35.011:37.531:36.171:36.321:35.801:39.16
4th 50m Split32.6933.3834.2033.6633.1834.3834.17
Split Time:2:06.392:08.292:11.732:09.832:09.502:10.182:13.33
5th 50m Split38.7437.2338.8038.2938.7438.8337.45
Split Time:2:45.132:45.622:50.532:48.122:48.242:49.102:50.78
6th 50m Split40.1838.8839.2239.1340.2238.9137.87
Split Time:3:25.313:24.503:29.753:27.253:28.463:28.013:28.65
7th 50m Split30.8731.1829.7531.6731.3332.1131.01
Split Time:3:56.183:55.683:59.503:58.923:59.794:00.123:59.66
8th 50m Split29.6930.6828.9330.5330.1030.7031.46
Total Time:4:25.874:26.364:28.434:29.454:29.894:30.824:31.12

Analyzing the performances of the world’s fastest swimmers in the Women’s 400m Individual Medley (IM) for Long Course (LC) based on time differences provides valuable insights into the intricacies of this challenging multi-stroke event. The 400m IM demands excellence in four distinct swimming styles and requires both physical endurance and tactical prowess. Here’s an in-depth examination of the top swimmers and the time differences that separate them:

  1. Summer McIntosh (4:25.87):
    • Summer McIntosh’s remarkable time of 4:25.87 places her at the pinnacle of the 400m IM rankings. Her performance demonstrates exceptional versatility across all four strokes—butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. McIntosh’s lead of 0.49 seconds over her closest competitor underlines her dominance in this event.
  2. Katinka Hosszu (4:26.36):
    • Katinka Hosszu, trailing McIntosh by 0.49 seconds, showcases her world-class capabilities in the 400m IM. Hosszu’s ability to excel in various strokes and maintain a relentless pace positions her as a formidable contender.
  3. Kaylee McKeown (4:28.22)
  4. Shiwen Ye (4:28.43):
    • Shiwen Ye’s time of 4:28.43, 1.57 seconds behind Hosszu, highlights her strengths in individual strokes. Ye’s impressive performance showcases her prowess in balancing speed and efficiency.
  5. Stephanie Rice (4:29.45):
    • Stephanie Rice’s time of 4:29.45, 1.02 seconds behind Ye, reflects her technical excellence and strategic approach to the 400m IM. Her swim emphasizes precision and control in each stroke.
  6. Kristy Coventry (4:29.89):
    • Kristy Coventry’s performance, just 0.44 seconds behind Rice, underscores her competitiveness in the 400m IM. Coventry’s experience and ability to execute the strokes effectively contribute to her strong showing.
  7. Yui Ohashi (4:30.82):
    • Yui Ohashi, with a time of 4:30.82, positions herself as a determined contender, 0.93 seconds behind Coventry. Her consistency across the four strokes and tactical approach make her a noteworthy presence.
  8. Katie Hoff (4:31.12):
    • Katie Hoff concludes the list with a time of 4:31.12, trailing Ohashi by 0.30 seconds. Hoff’s disciplined pacing and technical proficiency make her a consistent performer in this demanding event.

In summary, the Women’s 400m Individual Medley in Long Course is a showcase of versatility and endurance. Summer McIntosh’s lead underscores her exceptional talent, but the small time differences among the top swimmers highlight the intense competition in this event. Each athlete brings their unique strengths and expertise to the pool, making the 400m IM a captivating and physically demanding race. It’s a test of not only physical prowess but also strategic acumen, as swimmers aim to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses across all four strokes.

Note: World’s Fastest 400m Individual Medley – Women’s Long Course Update April 2024

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