Men’s 50m Butterfly – Short Course

World’s Fastest 50m Butterfly – Men’s Short Course

The world record for the 50m butterfly short course is an impressive feat of athleticism. The current record holders are Szebasztian Szabo and Nicholas Santos, who both completed the swim in just 21.75 seconds. Other top swimmers, including Steffen Deibler, Roland Schoeman, Chad Le Clos, and Tom Shields, have also achieved impressive times in this event under the 22.00 mark.

  1. Szebasztian Szabo / Nicholas Santos 21.75
  2. Noe Ponti 21.79
  3. Steffen Deibler 21.80
  4. Roland Schoeman 21.87
  5. Chad Le Clos 21.95
  6. Dylan Carter 21.98
  7. Tom Shields 21.99

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 50m Butterfly swimmers short course. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Szebasztian Szabo 50m Butterfly World Record swim to view. Here is Nicholas Santos’s 50m Butterfly World Record swim to view


Here is the list of the Men’s 100m Butterfly Short Course and the 200m Butterfly Short Course.

Men's 50m Butterfly - Short Course
Szebasztian SzaboNicholas SantosNoe PontiSteffen DeiblerRoland SchoemanChad Le ClosTom Shields
Height:6 ft 3 in 190cm6 ft 3 in 191cm6 ft 4 in 192cm6 ft 1 in 186cm6 ft 3 in 190cm6 ft 2 in 189cm6 ft 4 in 193cm
Weight:205 Ib 93kg196 Ib 89kg179 Ib 81kg185 Ib 84kg185 Ib 84kg200 Ib 91kg
DOB:1996-03-11 1980-02-142001-06-011987-07-101980-07-041992-04-121991-07-11
Meet:European Short Course Swimming Championships 2021FINA Swimming World Cup 20182023 European Short Course Swimming ChampionshipsFINA/ Arena Swimming World Cup 2009FINA/ Arena Swimming World Cup 200912th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2014FINA Swimming World Cup 2021
1st 25m Split10.07
2nd 25 split11.72
Total Time:21.7521.7521.7921.8021.8721.9521.99

Below is a quick look at the 50m Butterfly Long Course top All time performers:

All time 50m Butterfly – Men’s Long Course

  1. Andrii Govorov 22.27
  2. Caeleb Dressel 22.35
  3. Rafael Munoz 22.43
  4. Nicholas Santos 22.60
  5. Oleg Kostin 22.62
  6. Milorad Cavic 22.67
  7. Oleg Kostin 22.70

Note: World’s Fastest 50m Butterfly – Men’s Short Course Update December 2023

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