Men’s 50m Backstroke – Short Course

World’s Fastest 50m Backstroke – Men’s Short Course

  1. Kilment Kolesnikov 22.11
  2. Florent Manaudou 22.22
  3. Ryan Murphy 22.53
  4. Guilherme Guido 22.55
  5. Evgeny Rylov 22.58
  6. Coleman Stewart 22.61, Peter Marshall 22.61

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 50m Backstroke swimmers short course. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. The 

Here is a look at Kilment Kolesnikov World Record swim, and here is the Men’s 100m Backstroke Short Course for comparison.

Men's 50m Backstroke - Short Course
Kliment KolesnikovFlorent ManaudouRyan MurphyGuilherme GuidoEvgeny RylovColeman StewartPeter Marshall
Height:6 ft 5 in 196cm6 ft 6 in 199cm6 ft 3 in 191cm6 ft 4 in 194cm6 ft 1 in 185cm183cm6 ft 1 in 185cm
Weight:190 Ib 86kg218 Ib 99kg201 Ib 91kg220 Ib 100kg172 Ib 78kg169 Ib 77kg
DOB:2000-07-09 1990-11-12 1995-07-02 1987-02-12 1996-09-23 1998-03-03 1982-03-09
Meet:2022 Russian Short Course Swimming Championships12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2014ISL 2021 25th NovISL 2019 Season14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2018ISL Match 2 - 2021FINA/ Arena Swimming World Cup 2009
1st 25m Split10.85
2nd 25m Split
Total Time:22.1122.2222.5322.5522.5822.6122.61
  1. Kliment Kolesnikov (22.11):
    • Kliment Kolesnikov’s record-setting time of 22.11 seconds establishes him as the fastest 50m Backstroke swimmer in Men’s Short Course. Kolesnikov’s success in this event can be attributed to his explosive starts and impeccable underwater phases. His ability to maintain a streamlined position and powerful strokes contribute to his dominance in the pool.
  2. Florent Manaudou (22.22):
    • Florent Manaudou, with a time of 22.22 seconds, closely trails Kolesnikov. Manaudou’s reputation as a sprinting sensation extends to the 50m Backstroke, where his speed and consistency make him a formidable contender. His efficient stroke technique allows him to maintain remarkable speed over the short distance.
  3. Ryan Murphy (22.53):
    • Ryan Murphy’s time of 22.53 seconds reflects his expertise in backstroke swimming. Murphy’s ability to execute powerful underwater dolphin kicks, along with his streamlined body position, sets him apart in both short course and long course competitions. His precision in turns and breakouts contributes to his success in this sprint event.
  4. Guilherme Guido (22.55):
    • Guilherme Guido’s time of 22.55 seconds highlights his competitiveness in the 50m Backstroke. Guido’s strong and efficient strokes, combined with his quick turns, enable him to challenge the best swimmers in this short-distance discipline.
  5. Evgeny Rylov (22.58):
    • Evgeny Rylov’s time of 22.58 seconds showcases his versatility and proficiency in backstroke swimming. Rylov’s ability to maintain speed and precision in both short and long course events solidifies his status as a world-class backstroker.
  6. Coleman Stewart (22.61), Peter Marshall (22.61):
    • Coleman Stewart and Peter Marshall share a time of 22.61 seconds, emphasizing the closely contested nature of the 50m Backstroke. Their performances underscore the high level of competition in this sprint event, where every fraction of a second counts.

In conclusion, the 50m Backstroke in Men’s Short Course is an exhilarating sprint event marked by exceptional speed, precision, and competitiveness. The top swimmers in this category consistently push the boundaries of what is achievable in short course swimming. Their explosive starts, streamlined techniques, and impeccable turns make the 50m Backstroke a thrilling spectacle in the world of aquatic sports, captivating audiences with every race.

Note: World’s Fastest 50m Backstroke – Men’s Short Course Updated Sept 2023

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