Elite Swimmers of the 2:07 Club: Dominating the 200m Breaststroke

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Elite Swimmers of the 2:07 Club: Dominating the 200m Breaststroke

Swimming under 2:07.00 for the 200m breaststroke long course is considered an impressive achievement and is quite rare. It requires a combination of factors, including exceptional physical fitness, technical skill, mental toughness, and dedicated training.

To put this achievement into perspective, it is worth noting that the world record for this event is 2:05.48, set by Haiyang Qin at the World Aquatics Championships – Fukuoka 2023. This means that swimming under 2:07.00 would put a swimmer in the same league as some of the world’s best swimmers and Olympic champions. To date this has only been done 20 times and by the 8 swimmers listed below. Most recently to be added to the list is the Chinese swimmer Haiyang Qin with a world record of 2:05.48 and then French swimmer Leon Marchand with his 2:06.59 performance at the 2023 French Elite Championships.

Total Swims under 2:07.00

  1. Anton Chupkov – 5 Times  (2:06.12, 2:06.80, 2:06.83, 2:06.96, 2:06.99)
  2. Zac Stubblety-Cook – 5 Times (2:05.95, 2:06.26, 2:06.38, 2:04.40, 2:06.72)
  3. Shoma Sato 2:06.40 – 3 Times (2:06.40, 2:06.74, 2:06.78)
  4. Haiyang Qin – Once 2:05.48
  5. Leon Marchand – Once (2:06.59)
  6. Matthew Wilson – 2 Times (2:06.67, 2:06.68)
  7. Ippei Watanabe – 2 Times (2:06.67, 2:06.73)
  8. Arno Kamminga – Once (2:06.85)

Look through of the stroke counts and splits of the 200m Breaststroke swimmers under 2:07.

  1. Haiyang Qin 2:05.48
  2. Zac Stubblety-Cook 2:05.95
  3. Anton Chupkov 2:06.12
  4. Shoma Sato 2:06.40
  5. Leon Marchand 2:06.59
  6. Matthew Wilson 2:06.67/Ippei Watanabe 2:06.67
  7. Arno Kamminga 2:06.85
Men's 200m Breaststroke - Long Course
Haiyang QinZac Stubblety-CookAnton ChupkovShoma SatoLeon MarchandMatthew WilsonIppei WatanabeArno KammingaAkihiro Yamaguchi
Height:6ft 183cm5ft 11in 181cm6ft 2in 1.88cm5ft 9.7in 177cm6ft 2 in 187cm6ft 1in 186cm6ft 4in 193cm6ft 0.5in 184cm5ft 9in 175cm
Weight:165lb 75kg158lb 72kg157lb 71kg161lb 73kg170lb 77kg176lb 80kg168lb 76kg148lb 67kg
Meet:World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 20232022 Australian Swimming Championships18th FINA World Championships 20192021 Japan Swim (Olympic Trials)2023 French Elite Championships18th FINA World Championships 201910th Tokyo Swimming Championships 2017Rotterdam Qualification Meet 202067th Japan National Sports Festival - Swimming Com

1st 50m Split
Split Time:28.5329.4329.7328.8828.8928.8028.9528.8129.16
50m PB:26.2028.1527.4028.0428.8927.5127.9526.8828.14
Time off 50m PB:2.331.282.330.840.
Percentage of 50m PB:108.893%104.547%108.504%102.996%100.000%104.689%103.578%107.180%103.625%
2nd 50m Split
Split Time:32.1932.4632.4932.0132.1331.9732.3832.0332.56
100m Time:1:00.721:01.891:02.221:00.891:01.021:00.771:01.331:00.841:01.72
3rd 50m Split
Split Time:32.6432.4332.0132.5032.6832.9132.6932.6933.06
150m Times:1:33.361:34.321:34.231:33.391:33.701:33.681:34.021:33.531:34.78
4th 50m Split
Split Time:32.1231.6331.8933.0132.8932.9932.6533.3232.23
Total Time:2:05.482:05.952:06.122:06.402:06.592:06.672:06.672:06.852:07.01

Current World Record: 2:05.48

Here is a look at the World Record held by Haiyang Qin World Record at the 2023 World Championships.

Previous World Record 2:05.95

Zac Stubblety-Cook set at the 2022 Australian Swimming Championships.

Note: Elite Swimmers of the 2:07 Club: Dominating the 200m Breaststroke Update: July 2023

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