Men’s 400m IM – Long Course

World’s Fastest 400m Individual Medley – Men’s Long Course

  1. Leon Marchand (25.77, 28.89, 31.40, 30.58, 33.87, 33.77, 29.83, 28.39) 4:02.50
  2. Michael Phelps (25.73, 29.19, 31.37, 30.20, 34.77, 35.79, 28.94, 27.85) 4:03.84
  3. Ryan Lochte (25.62, 29.40, 31.17, 30.67, 34.18, 35.49, 29.55, 29.10) 4:05.18
  4. Chase Kalisz (26.22, 29.71, 32.25, 31.40, 33.58, 34.09, 29.61, 29.04) 4:05.90
  5. Kosuke Hagino (25.44, 30.13, 31.16, 31.00, 34.96, 35.27, 29.70, 28.39) 4:06.05
  6. Laszio Cseh (25.60, 29.47, 31.42, 30.94, 35.04, 35.81, 29.40, 28.48) 4:06.16
  7. Carson Foster (25.66, 29.07, 31.55, 30.52, 34.76, 35.66, 30.26, 29.08) 4:06.56
  8. Tyler Clary (25.87, 29.71, 31.68, 30.34, 36.35, 36.43, 29.39, 27.55) 4:07.31

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 400m Individual Medley swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Leon Marchand’s New World Record.


Here is Michael Phelps previous 400m Individual Medley World Record swim to view.

Here is the list of the Men’s 200m IM Long Course.

Men's 400m IM - Long Course
Leon MarchandMichael Phelps Ryan LochteChase KaliszKosuke HaginoLaszlo CsehCarson FosterTyler Clary
Height:6ft 2 in 187cm6 ft 4 in 193cm6 ft 2 in 188cm6 ft 4 in 193cm5 ft 10 in 177cm6 ft 2 in 188cm6 ft 1 in 185cm
Weight:170lb 77kg194Ib 88kg195Ib 88kg190Ib 86kg157Ib 71kg181Ib 82kg185Ib 84kg
DOB:2002-05-171985-06-30 1984-08-03 1994-03-07 1994-08-15 1985-12-03 2001-10-261989-03-12
Meet:World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 2023Olympic Games Beijing 2008Olympic Games London 201217th FINA World Championships 2017Olympic Games Rio 2016Olympic Games Beijing 2008World Aquatics Championships - Fukuoka 202313th FINA World Championships 2009
1st 50m Split25.7725.7325.6226.2225.4425.6025.6625.87
Split Time:25.7725.7325.6226.2225.4425.6025.6625.87
50m PB:24.6723.3624.1325.2724.4323.0624.6425.46
Time off 50m PB:1.112.371.490.951.012.541.020.41
Percentage of 50m PB:104.460%110.146%106.175%103.759%104.134%111.015%104.140%101.610%
2nd 50m Split28.8929.1929.4029.7130.1329.4729.0729.71
Split Time:54.6654.9255.0255.9355.5755.0754.7355.58
3rd 50m Split31.4031.3731.1732.2531.1631.4231.5531.68
Split Time:1:26.061:26.291:26.191:28.181:26.731:26.491:26.281:27.26
4th 50m Split30.5830.2030.6731.4031.0030.9430.5230.34
Split Time:1:56.641:56.491:56.861:59.581:57.731:57.431:56.801:57.60
5th 50m Split33.8734.7734.1833.5834.9635.0434.7636.35
Split Time:2:30.512:31.262:31.042:33.162:32.692:32.472:31.562:33.95
6th 50m Split33.7735.7935.4934.0935.2735.8135.6636.42
Split Time:3:04.283:07.053:06.533:07.253:07.963:08.283:07.223:10.37
7th 50m Split29.8328.9429.5529.6129.7029.4030.2629.39
Split Time:3:34.113:35.993:36.083:36.863:37.663:37.683:37.483:39.76
8th 50m Split28.3927.8529.1029.0428.3928.4829.0827.55
Total Time:4:02.504:03.844:05.184:05.904:06.054:06.164:06.564:07.31

In the Men’s Long Course 400m Individual Medley, the swimmers showcased their extraordinary talents and determination to secure the title of the world’s fastest. Leon Marchand emerged victorious, setting an incredible time of 4:02.50. His performance was marked by remarkable consistency and strength in each stroke.

Marchand’s butterfly splits (25.77s, 28.89s) were outstanding, allowing him to establish an early lead. His swift backstroke splits (31.40s, 30.58s) demonstrated his technical proficiency and maintained his advantage over his competitors. In the breaststroke leg, Marchand displayed endurance and power, evident in his splits (33.87s, 33.77s). As he approached the freestyle leg, his swift transition (29.83s) enabled him to hold on to his lead and secure a well-deserved victory.

Michael Phelps, the legendary swimmer, closely followed Marchand with a time of 4:03.84. Phelps showcased his prowess, particularly in the butterfly (25.73s, 29.19s) and freestyle (28.94s, 27.85s) splits, where he demonstrated his speed and skill. However, his breaststroke (34.77s, 35.79s) splits were relatively slower than Marchand’s, costing him the top spot.

Ryan Lochte, another swimming icon, secured the third position with a time of 4:05.18. Lochte displayed remarkable consistency across his butterfly (25.62s, 29.40s) and backstroke (31.17s, 30.67s) splits, showcasing his technical finesse. However, he faced challenges in the breaststroke (34.18s, 35.49s) and freestyle (29.55s, 29.10s) legs, where he couldn’t match the speed of Marchand and Phelps.

Chase Kalisz, Kosuke Hagino, Laszio Cseh, Carson Foster, and Tyler Clary all exhibited outstanding performances, but they were narrowly outpaced by the top three finishers.

Note: World’s Fastest 400m Individual Medley – Men’s Long Course Update July 2023

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