Women’s 50m Breaststroke – Short Course

World’s Fastest 50m Breaststroke – Women’s Short Course

  1. Ruta Meilutyte 28.37
  2. Alia Atkinson 28.56
  3. Lily King 28.77
  4. Jessica Hardy 28.80
  5. Bernedetta Pilato 28.81 
  6. Molly Hannis 29.04
  7. Yuliya Efimova 29.08

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 100m Breaststroke swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Alia Atkinson’s 50m Breaststroke World Record swim to view.

Women’s 100m Breaststroke Short Course and 200m Breaststroke Long Course lists for comparison.

Women's 50m Breaststroke - Short Course
Ruta MeilutyteAlia AtkinsonLilly KingJessica HardyBenedetta PilatoMolly HannisYuliya Efimova
Height:5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 7 in 170cm5 ft 8 in 174cm6 ft 0 in 183cm5 ft 7 in 170cm5 ft 7 in 170cm5 ft 10 in 178cm
Weight:163 Ib 74kg143 Ib 65kg154 Ib 70kg152 Ib 69kg154 Ib 70kg154 Ib 70kg141Ib 64kg
DOB:1997-03-19 1988-12-11 1997-02-10 1987-03-122005-01-28 1992-03-13 1992-04-03
Meet:16th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2022FINA Swimming World Cup 2018ISL 2020 Season - FinalFINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2009ISL 2020 Season - FinalISL 2020 Season - Match 1FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016
1st 25m Split12.88
2nd 25m Split15.49
Total Time:28.3728.5628.7728.8028.8129.0429.08

Analyzing the world’s fastest 50m Breaststroke swimmers in Women’s Short Course (SC) based on time differences reveals the closely contested nature of this sprint event, where fractions of a second can separate the top contenders. Here’s a detailed examination of these remarkable athletes:

  1. Ruta Meilutyte (28.37):
    • Ruta Meilutyte’s record-breaking time of 28.37 seconds positions her as the fastest in the 50m Breaststroke. Her performance is notable for its precision and explosiveness, setting her 0.19 seconds ahead of her closest competitor.
  2. Alia Atkinson (28.56):
    • Alia Atkinson’s time of 28.56 seconds, just 0.19 seconds behind Meilutyte, demonstrates her remarkable competitiveness in the 50m Breaststroke. Her powerful strokes and quick transitions contribute to her strong presence in this event.
  3. Lilly King (28.77):
    • Lilly King, with a time of 28.77 seconds, trails Atkinson by a mere 0.21 seconds. This slim margin emphasizes the tight competition at the top. King’s ability to maintain a consistent stroke rate and efficient turns keeps her in contention.
  4. Jessica Hardy (28.80):
    • Jessica Hardy’s time of 28.80 seconds, just 0.03 seconds behind King, showcases the intensity of the 50m Breaststroke competition. Hardy’s experience and mastery of the technical aspects of the stroke keep her firmly among the world’s best.
  5. Benedetta Pilato (28.81):
    • Benedetta Pilato, only 0.01 seconds behind Hardy, highlights the razor-thin margins in the 50m Breaststroke. Pilato’s determination and precision make her a force to be reckoned with in this event.
  6. Molly Hannis (29.04):
    • Molly Hannis, with a time of 29.04 seconds, is just 0.23 seconds behind Pilato. Her ability to maintain speed and efficiency in her strokes demonstrates the competitive nature of this discipline.
  7. Yuliya Efimova (29.08):
    • Yuliya Efimova, only 0.04 seconds behind Hannis, reinforces the close competition among these elite swimmers. Efimova’s experience and technique allow her to challenge for top honors in the 50m Breaststroke.

In summary, the 50m Breaststroke in Women’s Short Course is an event where the smallest differences in time separate the elite from the extraordinary. These top swimmers showcase the intensity and depth of competition in sprint breaststroke, with each swimmer striving for perfection and looking to shave off fractions of a second to secure victory. The dynamics of this event make it one of the most thrilling and closely watched races in the world of aquatic sports.

Note: World’s Fastest 50m Breaststroke – Women’s Short Course Updated Sept 2023

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