Men’s 200m Butterfly – Short Course

World’s Fastest 200m Butterfly Swimmers – Men’s Short Course

  1. Tomoru Honda (24.29, 27.10, 27.44, 28.02) 1:46.85
  2. Daiya Seto (24.00, 27.29, 28.00, 28.95) 1:48.24
  3. Chad Le Clos (24.42, 27.97, 28.10, 27.78) 1:48.27
  4. Tom Shields (24.42, 27.59, 28.07, 28.58) 1:48.66
  5. Laszio Cseh (24.19, 27.60, 28.37, 28.84 1:49.00
  6. Alberto Razzetti (24.69, 27.84, 28.10, 28.43) 1:49.06
  7. Kaio Marcio Almeida (No Data Found) 1:49.11
  8. Noe Ponti ( 24.11, 27.72, 28.02, 29.07) 1:49.22
  9. Nikolay Skvortsov (24.45, 27.80, 28.37, 28.84) 1:49.46

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The chart below compares the World’s Fastest 200m Butterfly swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Tomoru Honda’s  200m Butterfly World Record swim to view.


Here is the list for Men’s 200m Butterfly Long Course.

Men's 200m Butterfly - Short Course
Tomoru HondaDaiya SetoChad Le ClosTom ShieldsLaszlo CsehAlberto RazzettiKaio Marcio AlmeidaNoe PontiNikolay Skvortsov
Height:5 ft 8in 172cm 5 ft 9 in 174cm6 ft 2 in 189cm6 ft 4 in 193cm6 ft 2 in 188cm6 ft 2 in 188cm5 ft 9 in 175cm6 ft 4 in 192cm
5 ft 9 in 180cm
Weight:165 Ib 75kg185 Ib 84kg200 Ib 91kg181 Ib 82kg168 Ib 171 Ib 78kg
DOB:2001-12-311994-05-241992-04-12 1991-07-111985-12-031999-06-021984-10-19 2001- 06-011984-03-28
Meet:Japan National Championships 2022 (25m)14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 201816th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2022ISL Season 2020- Final European Short Course Swimming Championships 20152021 FINA World Championships Short Course16th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2022European Short Course Swimming Championships 2009
1st 25m Split10.9510.96
2nd 25m Split13.4713.45
Split Time:24.2924.0024.4224.4224.1924.6924.1124.45
50m PB:24.2923.5721.9522.3222.8823.4322.4421.9623.38
Time off 50m PB:0.000.432.472.101.311.2622.442.151.07
Percentage of 50m PB:100.000%101.824%111.253%109.409%105.726%105.378%100%109.791%104.577%
3rd 25m Split14.0713.72
4th 25m Split13.9014.00
Split Time:51.3951.2952.3952.0151.7952.5352.1352.25
5th 25m Split14.0913.81
6th 25m Split14.0114.21
Split Time:1:18.831:19.291:20.491:20.081:20.161:20.631:20.151:20.62
7th 25m Split13.9614.26
8th 25m Split13.8214.81
Total Time:1:46.851:48.241:48.271:48.661:49.001:49.061:49.111:49.221:49.46

Analyzing the performances of the world’s fastest swimmers in the Men’s 200m Butterfly for Short Course (SC) based on time differences provides valuable insights into the intricacies of this demanding event. The 200m Butterfly is a race that combines both speed and endurance, as swimmers must maintain a strong pace while executing precise technique throughout the race. Here’s a closer look at the top swimmers and the time differences that separate them:

  1. Tomoru Honda (1:46.85):
    • Tomoru Honda’s outstanding time of 1:46.85 secures his position as the fastest swimmer in the Men’s 200m Butterfly SC. His performance demonstrates remarkable speed and efficiency, positioning him at the top of the rankings with a lead of 1.39 seconds over his closest competitor.
  2. Daiya Seto (1:48.24):
    • Daiya Seto, with a time of 1:48.24, follows Honda, trailing by 1.39 seconds. Seto’s proficiency in the 200m Butterfly is evident, showcasing his ability to balance speed and endurance.
  3. Chad Le Clos (1:48.27):
    • Chad Le Clos is just 0.03 seconds behind Seto. His competitive performance in the 200m Butterfly underlines the close competition among the top swimmers in this event.
  4. Tom Shields (1:48.66):
    • Tom Shields, with a time of 1:48.66, is 0.39 seconds behind Le Clos. Shields’ performance highlights his technical excellence and endurance in the 200m Butterfly.
  5. Laszlo Cseh (1:49.00):
    • Laszlo Cseh, 0.34 seconds behind Shields, showcases his competitive spirit and ability to excel in the 200m Butterfly.
  6. Alberto Razzetti (1:49.06):
    • Alberto Razzetti, with a time of 1:49.06, is just 0.06 seconds behind Cseh, reflecting the tightly contested nature of this event.
  7. Kaio Marcio Almeida (No Data Found):
    • Kaio Marcio Almeida’s performance data is unavailable, but his presence in the top rankings indicates his proficiency in the 200m Butterfly SC.
  8. Noe Ponti (1:49.22):
    • Noe Ponti, with a time of 1:49.22, is just 0.16 seconds behind Razzetti. Ponti’s swim highlights the competitive edge that these swimmers bring to the 200m Butterfly.
  9. Nikolay Skvortsov (1:49.46):
    • Nikolay Skvortsov concludes the list with a time of 1:49.46, trailing Ponti by 0.24 seconds. Skvortsov’s presence among the top swimmers showcases his proficiency in this challenging event.

In summary, the Men’s 200m Butterfly in Short Course is a test of both speed and endurance, demanding precise technique and relentless pacing. Tomoru Honda’s lead demonstrates his exceptional abilities, but the small time differences among the top swimmers emphasize the fierce competition in this event. Each athlete’s capacity to generate speed while maintaining impeccable form is what makes the 200m Butterfly one of the most captivating and closely followed races in the world of swimming. It’s a race that requires a perfect blend of athleticism, technique, and strategic acumen to emerge as a true champion.

Note: World’s Fastest 200m Butterfly Swimmers – Men’s Short Course Update Sept 2023

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