Women’s 50m Backstroke – Short Course

World’s Fastest Women’s 50m Backstroke – Short Course

  1. Maggie MacNeil 25.25
  2. Claire Curzan 25.54
  3. Kira Toussaint, Mariia Kameneva 25.60
  4. Mollie O’Callaghan 25.61
  5. Kylie Masse 25.62
  6. Etiene Medeiros 25.67
  7. Sanja Jovanovic 25.70
  8. Olivia Smoliga 25.74
  9. Minna Atherton 25.81
  10. Jing Zhao 25.82

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 50m Backstroke swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, and Stroke Counts.. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Kira Toussaint’s 50m Backstroke World Record swim to view which was performed at the ISL 2020.

Here is the list for comparison for the Women’s 100m Backstroke Short Course.

Women's 50m Backstroke - Short Course
Margaret MacneilClaire CurzanKira ToussaintMariia KamenevaMolly O'CallaghanKylie MasseEtiene MedeirosSanja JovanovicOlivia SmoligaMinna AthertonJing Zhao
Height:5 ft 6 in 167cm5 ft 8 in 172cm5 ft 7 in 170cm5 ft 8 in 172cm5 ft 8 in 172cm5ft 8in 172cm5 ft 6 in 168cm5 ft 8 in 173cm6 ft 2 in 188cm5 ft 9 in 181cm5 ft 9 in 176cm
Weight:159 Ib 72kg121 Ib 55kg130 Ib 59kg134lb 61kg176 Ib 80kg149 Ib 68kg 163 Ib 74kg165 Ib 75kg130 Ib 59kg
DOB:2000-02-26 2004-06-041994-05-22 1999-05-27 2004-04-02 1996-01-181991-05-24 1986-09-15 1994-10-12 2000-05-17 1990-12-31
Meet:16th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 202216th FINA World Short Course Championships 2022ISL 2020 Season - Semifinal 12022 Russian Short Course Championships16th FINA World Short Course Championships 20222021 World Championships Short Course12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2014European Short Course Swimming Championships 2009ISL 2020 Season - Match 1ISL 2019 SeasonFINA/ Arena Swimming World Cup 2009
1st 25m Split12.3212.5412.54
2nd 25m Split12.9313.0013.07
Split Time:25.5425.6025.6025.6925.6725.7025.7425.8125.82
Total Time:25.2525.5425.6025.6025.6125.6225.6725.7025.7425.8125.82

Here is the list of the World’s Fastest 50m Backstroke Women’s Long Course:

  1. Xiang Liu 26.98
  2. Jing Zhao 27.06
  3. Kira Toussaint 27.10
  4. Yuanhui Fu 27.11
  5. Katharine Berkoff 27.12
  6. Etiene Medeiros 27.14
  7. Kaylee McKeown 27.19

Kaylee McKeown will be one to watch as she seems to be improving every meet she attends.

Analyzing the performances of the world’s fastest swimmers in the Women’s 50m Backstroke for Short Course (SC) based on time differences provides an intriguing insight into the explosive nature of this sprint event. The 50m Backstroke is a pure test of speed and technique, where swimmers strive to cover the shortest distance in the fastest time. Here’s an in-depth examination of the top swimmers and the time differences that separate them:

  1. Maggie MacNeil (25.25):
    • Maggie MacNeil’s blistering time of 25.25 seconds crowns her as the fastest in the world in the Women’s 50m Backstroke SC. Her performance demonstrates exceptional speed and technique, setting her apart from her competitors by a margin of 0.29 seconds.
  2. Claire Curzan (25.54):
    • Claire Curzan follows closely, 0.29 seconds behind MacNeil. Her swim highlights the intense competition in the 50m Backstroke, showcasing her remarkable speed and precision in the stroke.
  3. Kira Toussaint and Mariia Kameneva (25.60):
    • Kira Toussaint and Mariia Kameneva share the third position with identical times of 25.60 seconds. This parity emphasizes the tight competition in the event, with both swimmers displaying impressive speed and technical proficiency.
  4. Mollie O’Callaghan (25.61):
    • Mollie O’Callaghan is just 0.01 seconds behind the third-place swimmers. Her performance underscores the razor-thin margins that define the Women’s 50m Backstroke, showcasing her ability to maintain high-speed strokes.
  5. Kylie Masse (25.62):
    • Kylie Masse, an accomplished backstroke specialist, is only 0.01 seconds behind O’Callaghan. Her efficient technique and experience make her a formidable presence in the sprint.
  6. Etiene Medeiros (25.67):
    • Etiene Medeiros, with a time of 25.67 seconds, is just 0.05 seconds behind Masse. Medeiros’ speed and determination are evident as she competes at a high level in this fast-paced event.
  7. Sanja Jovanovic (25.70):
    • Sanja Jovanovic, with a time of 25.70 seconds, is 0.03 seconds behind Medeiros. Jovanovic’s performance highlights the close competition and the ability of swimmers to challenge each other in the 50m Backstroke.
  8. Olivia Smoliga (25.74):
    • Olivia Smoliga is just 0.04 seconds behind Jovanovic, showcasing her competitive spirit and technical proficiency in the 50m Backstroke.
  9. Minna Atherton (25.81):
    • Minna Atherton, with a time of 25.81 seconds, is 0.07 seconds behind Smoliga. Atherton’s performance reflects her ability to excel in this high-speed sprint.
  10. Jing Zhao (25.82):
    • Jing Zhao concludes the list with a time of 25.82 seconds, 0.01 seconds behind Atherton. Zhao’s presence in the top ten demonstrates the fierce competition in this event.

In summary, the Women’s 50m Backstroke in Short Course is a thrilling showcase of pure speed and precision. Maggie MacNeil’s lead exemplifies her extraordinary explosiveness and technique, but the tight time differences among the top swimmers underscore the fierce competition in this event. Each athlete’s ability to generate immense power while maintaining flawless technique is what makes the 50m Backstroke one of the most exciting and closely watched races in the world of swimming. It’s a race where fractions of a second can separate victory from defeat, and where swimmers’ mastery of the perfect stroke is paramount.

Note: World’s Fastest Women’s 50m Backstroke Short Course Update Sept 2023

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