Women’s 200m Breaststroke – Short Course

World’s Fastest 200m Breaststroke – Women’s Short Course

  1. Rebecca Soni (31.05, 34.13, 34.82, 34.57) 2:14.57
  2. Evgeniia Chikunova (31.03, 34.57, 34.51, 34.59) 2:14.70
  3. Rikke Pedersen (30.80, 33.99, 34.95, 35.47) 2:15.21
  4. Leisel Jones (31.30, 34.77, 34.93, 34.42) 2:15.42
  5. Lily King (30.25, 34.74, 35.77, 34.80) 2:15.56
  6. Yuliya Efimova (31.15, 34.63, 34.48, 35.39) 2:15.62
  7. Rie Kaneto (31.91, 34.43, 34.63, 34.79) 2:15.76

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 100m Breaststroke swimmers. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. 

Of the above mentioned swimmers Rebecca Soni and Yuliya Efimova also appear in the Women’s 100m Breaststroke Long Course and 200m Breaststroke Long Course lists.

Women's 200m Breaststroke - Short Course
Rebecca SoniEvgeniia ChikunovaRikke PedersenLeisel JonesLilly KingYuliya EfimovaRie Kaneto
Height:5 ft 8 in 173cm5 ft 9 in 175cm5 ft 10 in 177cm5 ft 8.5 in 174 cm 5 ft 10 in 178cm5 ft 9 in 174cm
Weight:134Ib 64kg134 Ib 61kg150 Ib 68kg154 Ib 70 kg141 Ib 64kg148 Ib 67kg
DOB:1987-03-18 2004-11-17 1989-01-09 1985-12-30 1997-02-10 1992-04-03 1988-09-08
Meet:British Gas Duel in the Pool 20092022 Russian Short Course ChampionshipsEuropean Short Course Swimming 2013FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 2009ISL 2020 Season - FinalFINA Swimming World Cup 2018FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016
1st 25m Split14.18
2nd 25m Split
Split Time:31.0531.0330.8031.3030.2531.1531.91
50m PB:29.8330.3829.8729.7828.7729.0830.67
Time off 50m PB:1.220.650.931.521.482.071.24
Percentage of 50m PB:104.090%102.140%103.425%105.104%105.144%106.751%104.043%
3rd 25m Split
4th 25m Split
Split Time:1:05.181:05.601:04.791:06.071:04.991:05.781:06.34
5th 25m Split
6th 25m Split
Split Time:1:40.001:40.111:39.741:41.001:40.761:40.261:40.97
7th 25m Split
8th 25m Split
Total Time:2:14.572:14.702:15.212:15.422:15.562:15.622:15.76

Reflecting on the performances of the world’s fastest swimmers in the Women’s 200m Breaststroke for Short Course (SC) based on time differences reveals the incredibly competitive nature of the event. Even small fractions of a second can make a significant impact on the final rankings, highlighting the precision and skill required to excel in this demanding discipline.

  1. Rebecca Soni (2:14.57):
    • Rebecca Soni’s time of 2:14.57 seconds is the fastest, setting a high bar for her competitors. Her performance exemplifies her mastery of the 200m Breaststroke, with her technique and endurance providing her with a slight edge over the rest of the field.
  2. Evgeniia Chikunova (2:14.70):
    • Evgeniia Chikunova is a mere 0.13 seconds behind Soni, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination. This small time difference reflects the fierce rivalry at the top of the sport, where every fraction of a second matters.
  3. Rikke Pedersen (2:15.21):
    • Rikke Pedersen follows closely, just 0.51 seconds behind Soni. Her strong start and impressive endurance make her a formidable contender, but the time difference underscores the fine margins that separate success from second place.
  4. Leisel Jones (2:15.42):
    • Leisel Jones is only 0.21 seconds behind Pedersen, highlighting her experience and skill. In the context of the 200m Breaststroke, where milliseconds count, this difference reflects the intense competition at the highest level.
  5. Lily King (2:15.56):
    • Lily King is just 0.14 seconds behind Jones, showcasing her powerful strokes and competitive spirit. Her determination to close this small gap underscores the tenacity required in this event.
  6. Yuliya Efimova (2:15.62):
    • Yuliya Efimova secures the sixth position, with a time difference of 0.06 seconds behind King. This minimal time gap emphasizes the parity among the top swimmers, as even the slightest advantage can change the rankings.
  7. Rie Kaneto (2:15.76):
    • Rie Kaneto concludes the list, with a time difference of 0.14 seconds behind Efimova. Her performance, while still impressive, highlights the narrow margins that separate the top swimmers in the Women’s 200m Breaststroke.

In the Women’s 200m Breaststroke SC, where precision and endurance are paramount, time differences play a crucial role in determining the outcome of races. Rebecca Soni’s lead is a testament to her exceptional ability, but the close time gaps among the top swimmers underscore the intensity and competitiveness of this event. It’s a discipline where every stroke, turn, and breath counts, and where swimmers strive to minimize those fractions of a second that can make all the difference on the podium.

Note: World’s Fastest 200m Breaststroke – Women’s Short Course Update Sept 2023

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