Men’s 100m Freestyle – Long Course

World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle Swimmers – Men’s Long Course

World Record: Zhanle Pan 46.80
Olympic Record: Caeleb Dressel 47.02
World Junior Record: David Popovici 46.86
Commonwealth Record: Cameron McEvoy 47.07

Top 10 All-time Performers:

  1. Zhanle Pan (22.26, 24.54) 46.80
  2. David Popovici (22.74, 24.12) 46.86
  3. Cesar Cielo Filho (22.17, 24.74) 46.91
  4. Alain Bernard (22.35, 24.59) 46.94
  5. Caeleb Dressel (22.29, 24.67) 46.96
  6. Cameron McEvoy (22.54, 24.50) 47.04
  7. Eamon Sullivan (22.44, 24.61) 47.05
  8. Kyle Chalmers (22.79, 24.29) 47.08 / Jack Alexy (22.44, 24.64) 47.08
  9. James Magnussen (22.68, 24.42) 47.10
  10. Kliment Kolesnikov (22.52, 24.59) 47.11

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The chart below compares the World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle Swimmers – Men’s Long Course. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible.

Here is the list of the Men’s 100m Freestyle Short Course for comparison.

Men's 100m Freestyle - Long Course
Zhanle PanDavid PopoviciCesar Cielo FilhoAlain BernardCaeleb DresselCameron McEvoyEamon SullivanKyle ChalmersJack AlexyJames MagnussenKliment Kolesnikov
Height:6ft 2in 1.90m6 ft 3 in 191cm6ft 5in 1.95m6ft 5in 1.96m6ft 2in 1.88m6ft 1in 1.85m6ft 2in 1.89m6ft 4in 1.93m6ft 8in 2.03m6ft 6in 1.98m6 ft 5 in 196cm
Weight:165lb 75kg194lb 88kg198lb 90kg192lb 87kg165lb 75kg172lb 78kg198lb 90kg215lb 98kg207lb 94kg190Ib 80kg
Meet:World Aquatics Championships Doha 2024European Aquatics Championships 202213th FINA World Championships 2009French Championships 200918th FINA World Championships 20192016 Australian ChampsOlympic Games Beijing 200818th FINA World Championships 20192024 U.S. Olympic Trials2012 EnergyAustralia SwimmingTokyo Olympics 2020 (2021)
1st 50m Split
Split Time:22.2622.7422.1722.3522.2922.5422.4422.7922.4422.6822.52
50m PB:22.2622.2220.9121.4921.0421.4421.2822.0722.4421.5221.89
Time off 50m PB:0.000.521.260.861.
Percentage of 50m PB:100.000%102.340%106.026%104.002%105.941%105.131%105.451%103.262%100.000%105.390%105.390%
2nd 50m Split
Split Time:24.5424.7424.7424.5924.6724.5024.6124.2924.6424.4224.59
Total Time:46.8046.8646.9146.9446.9647.0447.0547.0847.0847.1047.10

Here is Zhanle Pan’s 46.80 World Record to view.

Here is the list of the Men’s 100m Freestyle Short Course for comparison.

Here is David Popovici 46.86 Former World Record to view.

The men’s 100m freestyle is marked by exceptional performances, with Zhanle Pan holding the World Record at 46.80 seconds. His split times were 22.26 seconds for the first 50 meters and 24.54 seconds for the second 50 meters. This record highlights Pan’s powerful start and strong finish.

David Popovici, the World Junior Record holder, achieved a time of 46.86 seconds. His splits were 22.74 seconds for the first 50 meters and an impressive 24.12 seconds for the second 50 meters, indicating a strong finish. The Olympic Record is held by Caeleb Dressel with a time of 47.02 seconds, with splits of 22.29 and 24.73 seconds, showcasing his consistent speed.

The Commonwealth Record belongs to Cameron McEvoy, who clocked 47.07 seconds with split times of 22.54 and 24.50 seconds, reflecting his balanced race strategy. Cesar Cielo Filho, ranked third all-time, swam 46.91 seconds with splits of 22.17 and 24.74 seconds, demonstrating an extremely fast start.

Alain Bernard’s 46.94 seconds came from splits of 22.35 and 24.59 seconds, while Caeleb Dressel’s 46.96 seconds included splits of 22.29 and 24.67 seconds, showing remarkable consistency. Eamon Sullivan achieved 47.05 seconds with splits of 22.44 and 24.61 seconds.

Kyle Chalmers and Jack Alexy both swam 47.08 seconds, with Chalmers’ splits at 22.79 and 24.29 seconds and Alexy’s at 22.44 and 24.64 seconds. James Magnussen recorded 47.10 seconds, splitting 22.68 and 24.42 seconds, while Kliment Kolesnikov’s 47.11 seconds came from splits of 22.52 and 24.59 seconds.

Analyzing the data, the average first 50 meters among the top performers is approximately 22.49 seconds, while the average second 50 meters is around 24.55 seconds. The standard deviation for the first 50 meters is 0.22 seconds, and for the second 50 meters, it is 0.19 seconds. These statistics illustrate the high level of consistency and competitive edge among the world’s fastest swimmers in the 100m freestyle event.

Note: World’s Fastest 100m Freestyle Swimmers – Men’s Long Course Update June 2024

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