Men’s 100m Butterfly – Short Course

World’s fastest 100m Butterfly – Men’s Short Course

  1. Caeleb Dressel (22.38, 25.40) 47.78
  2. Chad Le Clos (22.59, 25.49) 48.08 
  3. Noe Ponti (22.68, 25.79) 48.47 / Tom Shields (22.44, 26.03) 48.47
  4. Evgenii Korotyshkin (22.88, 25.60) 48.48
  5. Matteo Rivolta (22.53, 25.11) 48.64
  6. Maxime Grousset (22.91, 26.33) 48.94
  7. Ilya Kharun (23.11, 25.92) 49.03 
  8. Marius Kusch (22.67, 26.39) 49.06
  9. Ian Crocker 49.07

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The chart below compares the World’s fastest 100m Butterfly swimmers short course. Swimmers and coaches can looks at the individual Splits, Stroke Counts and the first 50m split compared to swimmers 50m PB. All swim data has been collected from our team reviewing race footage where possible. Here is Caelab Dressel 100m Butterfly World Record swim to view.

Here is the list of the Men’s 100m Butterfly Long Course and the 200m Butterfly Long Course.

Men's 100m Butterfly - Short Course
Caeleb DresselChad Le ClosNoe PontiTom Shields Evgenii KorotyshkinMatteo RivoltaMarius Kusch
Height:6 ft 3 in 191cm6 ft 2 in 189cm6 ft 4 in 192cm6 ft 4 in 193cm6 ft 1 in 186cm6 ft 4in 194cm6 ft 3 in 191cm
Weight:194Ib 88kg185Ib 84kg215Ib 98kg187Ib 85kg207lb 94kg194Ib 88kg
DOB:1996-08-16 1992-04-12 2001-06-011991-07-11 1983-04-30 1991-11-161993-05-05
Meet:ISL 2020 Season - Final13th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 20162023 European Short Course Swimming ChampionshipsISL 2020 Season - FinalFINA/Arena Swimming World Cup 20092021 ISL Season 3, Match 17 - Playoffs Match 6European Short Course Swimming Championships 2019
1st 25m Split10.45
Split Time:
2nd 25m Split12.23
Split Time:22.3822.5922.6822.4422.8822.5322.67
50m PB:22.0421.9521.9622.3222.3322.1422.40
Time off 50m PB:0.340.640.720.120.550.390.27
Percentage of 50m PB:101.543%102.916%1013.279%100.538%102.463%101.762%101.205%
3rd 25m Split12.76
4th 25m Split13.03
Total Time:47.7848.0848.4748.4748.4848.6449.06

The world’s fastest 100m Butterfly Men’s Short Course event featured a stellar lineup of swimmers, each showcasing their prowess in this demanding discipline. Caeleb Dressel emerged as the standout performer, setting an impressive record with a total time of 47.78 seconds. Dressel’s remarkable split times of 22.38 seconds for the first 50m and 25.40 seconds for the second 50m underscore his exceptional speed and stamina.

Chad Le Clos demonstrated his competitive edge, securing the second position with a time of 48.08 seconds. Le Clos exhibited a strong start with a first 50m split of 22.59 seconds, followed by a determined finish in the second 50m with a split of 25.49 seconds. The race witnessed a tight competition for the third spot, ultimately claimed by Tom Shields, who clocked in at 48.47 seconds. Shields displayed a well-balanced performance, combining a swift first 50m split of 22.44 seconds with a solid second 50m split of 26.03 seconds.

Swimmers like Evgenii Korotyshkin, Noe Ponti, and Matteo Rivolta showcased their skills with competitive times ranging from 48.47 to 48.64 seconds. Each athlete demonstrated a unique blend of speed and strategy, with varied split times highlighting the tactical nuances of short-course swimming.

Maxime Grousset, Ilya Kharun, Marius Kusch, and Ian Crocker also contributed to the intense competition, showcasing the depth of talent in the field. Ian Crocker, with a time of 49.07 seconds, rounded out the top ten in this world-class event.

In summary, the world’s fastest 100m Butterfly Men’s Short Course event not only celebrated the exceptional performance of Caeleb Dressel but also highlighted the competitive spirit and skill of the entire field. Each swimmer’s unique approach to the race added to the excitement, making this event a testament to the athleticism and precision required in elite short-course swimming.

Note: World’s fastest 100m Butterfly – Men’s Short Course Updated December 2023

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