MySwimSplits Calculator has two functions Goal Times and Race Results.

How does the Goal Time Calculator work?
The swimmer can enter in the time they would like to target, choose the Stroke and distance and then hit the Calculate button. The calculator will break the swim down to the individual splits the swimmer should target for an accurate race.

How was the calculator created?
Over 2000 data points from the top 10 fastest race times in history for each Olympic event were analysed. Every split in each swim is captured, converted into a percentage of total swim time. All the splits are then averaged out across the 10 fastest times in history to create a formula that can be used to reverse engineer out a future Goal Time or to review Race Results.

How does the Race Results Calculator work?
First off, the swimmer selects the Stroke and Distance of the race they have competed in. The swimmer will enter in their split times that they have swam and hit the Calculate button.
What happens next is – the swimmers results are compared with the Ideal Splits (the algorithm that came from the top 10 fastest times in history).
This is where the swimmer can see the accuracy or inaccuracy of each split that makes up the event they are reviewing.


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