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Goal Time Calculator

The swimmer can enter in the time they would like to target, choose the stroke and distance and then hit the Calculate button. The calculator will break the swim down to the individual splits the swimmer should target for an accurate race.



Swim Pace Calculator

The Pace Calculator quickly works out the swimming Pace, Time and Distance depending on what is required. Options for meters and yards, MIN/100YDS and MIN/100M.


Over 2000 data points from the top 10 fastest race times in history for each Olympic event were analysed. Every split in each swim is captured, converted into a percentage of total swim time. All the splits are then averaged out across the 10 fastest times in history to create a formula that can be used to reverse engineer out a future Goal Time or to review race results.

Medley Relay Calculator

The Medley Relay Calculator allows coaches to quickly compose the fastest relay team available to them. The Medley Relay Calculator will then provide you with the fastest relay combination available to you.

My Swim Splits – Swim Pacing Calculator, and Race Reviews

Ultimate Swim Calculators, My Swim Splits is an online resource for competitive swimmers that provides information, analyses and resources that will help you improve your knowledge and performance

Our swim calculators are have looked at over 2000 data points to create a formula that allows swimmers and coaches ease and accuracy for race reviews and goal time breakdowns. You can access the swim calculators like the Goal Time Calculator that helps you match your goal times and race results with the average split times of the world’s best.

There is also a Race Review Calculator which allows the swimmer, parent or coach to input the splits from a race and the calculator will provide guidance on where improvements can be made and a overall score on the swim.

The always sort after Swim Pacing Calculator is here, for pace, distance and time calculating.

For coach’s looking to put together the Medley relay teams the Medley Relay Calculator can be found here.

If your are interested in the finer details of racing we have under the menu heading Top World Swims Analysis a break down of every Olympic Competitive Swimming event. The analysis includes a minimum of 5 (up to 10) swimmers who have clocked a history making times. There are reviews for male and female events.

The data that can been seen and compared includes:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Splits
  • Stroke Counts for each lap (if possible)
  • Overall Time
  • A comparison of their 50m Split time compared to the 50m PB (if possible)

For example:  The Men’s 200m Freestyle Long Course

Collation of the Short course events is underway for both male and female review.

Over time we will expand it’s content to become a valuable resource for aspiring swimmers and help them to reach their goals.

If you would like to support the site, you can do so by buying me a coffee using the link below: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/myswimsplits

Note: My Swim Splits – Swim Calculators Update June 2024

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